Happy Women’s Day Loves!!! I hope you superwomen are still doing great.Today I’m sharing with you my thoughts on AfriBerry products which I’ve used been using for 5 weeks now.Since it’s Women’s day today I figured what a great day to share about this company that’s making moves and is owned by a black woman (Yassss).The company is owned by Relebohile Moeng in partnership with her husband in Centurion(Pretoria).They produce organic skin, body and haircare products which cater for every concern,such as stretch marks,pigmented skin,acne,aging-the list is endless.I was gifted two products from their skincare range,Moroccan Gold Argan Oil and the Moroccan Gold Black soap.

Morrocan Gold Black Soap

At first I wasn’t sure about this soap,as much as black soap is amazing but I know it may be a bit harsh on sensitive skin.They stated that one can use this daily but I use it every other day.Ive come to love this product so much,not only does it leaves my skin soft and glowing,like seriously glowing but it also cleanses very well and it has helped keep my skin from breaking out.The texture also feels amazing and it does help exfoliate and can be used as a mask.Ive only used it as a face wash coz my skin is sensitive.

Moroccan Gold Arian Oil

For someone with oily skin,I also do my homework when it comes to oils or oil based products.I won’t lie,I was skeptical to use this product at first because I’m at a point where I’ve dealt with my acne woes and I don’t want my skin to breakout,who does anyway? This product among other benefits is meant to help fade scars,stretch marks,dark spots and wrinkles.I was actually shocked by how lightweight the product is and how easily it is absorbed by my skin.Ive only seen minor improvement on my scars using this, of course they are old scars so they will take time to fade.I did notice that my skin tone is getting even as compared to how it was before I used this product and I’m happy about that.Im also using this baby on my stretch marks,I love how my skin feels when I use it.I will continue to use it and see how it works long term.But I do think that this is a great product.

Their products are found at Picknpay stores,Edgar’s,online at Zando,Faithful to Nature.The Black soap retails for R159 and the Aegean oil is R159 as well.One last thing which is a bonus is that their products are free from all those nasty chemicals, they use organic ingredients for all products.They also have products for hair and some sunscreen which to me sounds amazing.


Thats it Loves,check them out and let me know.Let me know below which skincare products are you loving at the moment.


Till the next one

Love V



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