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I never got around to announce it, but I have been selected as a Sisay ambassador,yay! Sisay is a cosmetics company which produces  AFFORDABLE handmade and natural hair,bath& body products which are great for African skin and hair. The founder Bonolo Phuku is the brains behind this thriving enterprise and also formulates each and every product for her brand, how cool is that? Not just beauty with brains but she is also down to earth and cool, I’m really excited to be working with her along with Neolene  who is my ambassador sister.

So we recently had a meetup with Bonolo and we received a couple of products which I’ll be sharing with you guys. But today I wanted to share the Sisay African Black Soap and the Coconut & Grapeseed Oil Conditioner. I have relaxed hair and finding good products to maintain it has been quite a hassle for me, my hair tends to be thin also so I was thrilled with the results I achieved with these product.

African Black Soap Sisay Cosmetics


The African Black Soap has been in the spotlight for a while and it does wonders to one’s skin but I recently learned that this can also be used on hair. So I took a leap of faith and used this on my hair and was blown away by the results.Firstly, my hair was unable to retain moisture and I had to moisturise it daily to keep it shiny and healthy plus the issue of it being thin most of the time.So after using this, my hair was thicker and I was able to go for 3 days without applying anything to give it moisture which is great especially for relaxed hair. For R120 this is quite a steal and the soap is in it’s best raw and unrefined form.

African Black Soap Sisay Cosmetics


The first thing I noticed about this product is how good it smells,and I’m a sucker for such products..This product smellss great!I noticed how soft and smooth my hair was, sometimes when I wash my hair it detangles and also there is alot of hairloss but that wasn’t the case with this baby,that’s why I LOVE it. This is also available on their site for R60,go put yourself on.

The nice thing about these products is that they also work well on natural hair, so there isn’t a restriction if you are natural. These are very affordable and are absolutely worth trying.They have become my absolute fave.

You can also follow Sisay on instagram @sisay_sa and also check out their website here.

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