Happy Friday Everyone,

I hope everyone had an amazing week, as we wrap up this month I wanted to share with you guys one of the most amazing event I’ve attended this month in celebration of women.I was invited by Beauty Warriors for the women’s month celebration at Revive Wellness Spa in Highlands Johannesburg and boy was it a ball.

The lovely relaxation area

Upon arrival we were welcomed with snacks and mimosas,we got a tour around the beautiful spa.If you’re looking for a great spa which literally caters for all your needs, this is it.The spa also has a salon where you can get your hair done, plus a huge nail bar.They have a lovely area on the roof top where one can just sit and relax over some snacks and drinks.The place is just amazing and you won’t get bored while you’re there as there’s tons of things to do.


The lovely Ayesha (Founder of Beauty Warriors)


Martin from Revive


Roof top area


Coming to the event, we were welcomed by the founder of Beauty Warriors, Ayeesha followed by Martin from the spa gave a brief history of how the spa came to be and their future goals. We then received a talk by pinkdustevents,encouraging us to take care of ourselves a little bit more.To paraphrase, she said when you take care of yourself more,you’re able to take care of your loved ones as well.The event was wrapped up by Shahista from silver lining events, she gave a great talk on finding your purpose in life.In summary, a life without purpose is a wasted life.We received not only ONE but TWO goodie bags, filled with amazing products from phytomer,Nimue,Revive wellness spa and pinkdustevents.This was a lovely event to remind us why women are so special and destined for greatness.Something to never forget.

The nail bar area


The hair salon
Your girl goofing around

Thats it from me guys, what did you guys get up to this month,how did you celebrate women’s month?Let me know down below.


Till the next one

Love V

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