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It’s been a minute, and I just hope each of you guys had a great rest.Before we continue, I would like to wish you all a splendid year ahead, may you achieve your goals and dreams. I’m so glad 2017 is behind us now, for me it was a very challenging year and I’m grateful to have made it past through all that drama. This is not gonna be a beauty or lifestyle post, it’s just a short post to check up on everyone and giveĀ  an overview of my 2017 and goals for 2018.

2017 Overview & 2018 Goals


I must admit even though 2017 was not a good year for me ,there were a few moments which brought so much joy in my life. GOD blessed me with a job after my internship ended, we may not talk about it that much but unemployment is real and it’s a serious buzz killer,if you have a job or your business is doing well be grateful. In the blogging sphere, I landed my first collab with Afriderm and was also selected to represent local and upcoming brand, Sisay Cosmetics.I look forward to working with other brands this year and also meeting some of the lovely ladies in the industry.

2017 Overview & 2018 Goals


I guess the saying “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger” would be appropriate here. I went through a lot of things in the previous year, some which I can’t even share, I also struggled with depression. The worst blow, was when I lost my friend of over 10 years just before the year ended, I’d never felt so defeated and confused. I have lost someone dear to me before but thisĀ one hit hard. Honestly, it’s difficult to keep the faith or stay strong in such times but I was encouraged by one friend of mine who told me that “our loved ones may no longer be with us here but they live on in our hearts”.. It won’t be okay immediately but one day when we think of them we wont feel the pain but instead will be surrounded by the loving memories we shared with them.


Someone one said that “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”,in the midst of things last year I also learned a few tricks about life. The first thing on my list is Self Love- the minute you love and accept yourself that’s when you become happy and it matters not what other people have to say about you and that’s what living is all about.I also learnt to ALWAYS put myself FIRST, because people will always disappoint me but I can NEVER let myself down. Last but not least, Hard Work Pays!!!

2018 GOALS

This year I will be focusing more on skincare especially for oily and combination skin but of course with bits and pieces of makeup, hair and lifestyle posts. My goal is to improve my skin and those who follow me may be aware that I’ve been struggling with acne so I will be joining hands with those in the same boat as me, as we tackle the struggle against acne. Of course, I will be doing a couple of giveaways and if all goes well, there is a Youtube channel in the pipeline. Personally, my goal is to grow in all areas of my life, to give more and help others this year.

I know we all have our stories to tell, but I wish you all a year of opportunities, possibilities, glow-ups and success.

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Till the next one

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  1. Sorry about your tough year last year. I hope you have a great new year and achieve all your goals. Mine are still being polished, trying to prioritise and make sure I achieve the important ones first

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