5 life changing lessons

Now I wasn’t always this lady that everyone close to me talks about how matured and grown up she has become.I had to start somewhere,and there isn’t any stage of life that I’ve skipped.I went through fires,met some demons on the way, came across challenges and these experiences taught me a few lessons some of  which have become principles which I live by in my life.So today I wanted to share five of these life changing lessons with you guys..This is my first personal post and I hope you enjoy it?

  1. You don’t need to react to everything you notice

Coming out of puberty, I was always one who would react to every single thing around me.If someone said or did something irritating, insulting or inappropriate to me I’d always want to react to their actions or words.I spend most of my time without peace thinking of how I’m gonna respond to them or worse how I’m gonna make them pay lol. Growing up I reached a point whereby I realised that some things aren’t worth my time and energy.Sometimes it’s best to just let people do what they do, my peace and happiness are priceless.

2. Happiness is an inside job

This one is very important. A lot of times we rely on things and people for happiness and when those things dissappoint us we are left miserable and depressed. I have learnt that only “I ” can make MYSELF happy, I can never disappoint MYSELF and I can never hurt MYSELF.Instead of expecting others to console me, I console MYSELF, instead of expecting others to do things for me, I do them MYSELF. It took me a while to get the hang of it, even now I’m still working on it and I’ve never been happier.

3. Appreciate your loved ones.

Cherish, love and respect them always!! Time flies and one cannot afford to take for granted the special people GOD has placed in their lives.It is better to appreciate and love them now while they are still with us than to regret when GOD has remembered them. This one I learnt the hard way.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others and be grateful for what you have

This is the worst thing one can do to themselves. The minute you start comparing yourself with other people is the minute you stop living. And what’s worse is that your competitors will continue slaying and succeeding in this life thing because they are in their own lanes managing their own race. Never allow yourself to fall prey of competing with others. Instead teach yourself to be grateful for all the little things in your life, and that way you will unlock doors for more miracles and blessings.

5. This too shall pass

What is life without challenges though? Challenges are there to mold and refine us for bigger blessings and miracles. Most of the time we find ourselves in situations which only need us to just persevere but we give up too early. Think of the most successful person on this planet and where they would be had they not endured the challenges they came across.Whatever hot seat you may be in, it will pass it’s just a matter of time. All you need is just a little patience,think of the rewards instead of the current situation.

These lessons have made so much difference in my life and have molded me to the person I am today.I hope you guys enjoyed reading?

That’s it from me guys…Which of these lessons above can you relate to?Please share some of the lessons you’ve learned over the years.

Till the next one

Love V❤?

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  1. Love this friend ?? .. I enjoyed reading that and I could relate hey . ” stop comparing yourself to others ” now that’s my fav ? that’s a mistake that we always do . Beautiful post Hun

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