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It’s been ages since I’ve posted any blog posts,I’m so happy to finally be back-things have been so hectic and so busy and I just couldn’t keep up. I’m so happy to finally be back and talking beauty stuff with you guys.I had the honor of being invited to the Beauty Expo on the 9th June at the Sandton Convention Centre by MyBeautyExpo on Instagram.So I thought I’d give you guys a detailed post on the entire experience and my 2 cents on what I enjoyed and where I felt they still need to improve.

My plus one
The Highs

The setup at the Expo was okay,with an exception of Dark n Lovely who had an amazing setup which allowed consumers to take pictures.What I liked the most about the Expo was that, it exposed us to new brands which we’ve never came across,of course all time fave brand Dermalogica was there giving great skincare advice.There were a number of black women owned brands which I found so cool and inspiring. There was a bar for drinks and food stalls on sight which was cool. I also bumped into a few bloggers which was amazing and made it worth the stay.

Afro-Berry makes products for hair and skin suitable for men and women.
@Nanacoco showcasing their makeup line

The Lows

To be honest, this was my first time attending a Beauty Expo,but I did have my own idea of what I thought it would be but only half of the expectations was lived up to with this very one.There was just something missing,that vibe which as a beauty fanatic makes you forget all about your problems because you’re in your “happy place”.

@darknlovely serving presentation goals

Besides getting your nails painted and getting neck massages there wasn’t much to do, I felt like they could’ve have done a better job in making the event way much fun with a couple of activities than just visiting the different brand stalls and the beauty talks.Lastly,even though I got introduced to new brands, I was disappointed that there weren’t many brands we already know.Also they didn’t have any goodie bags for normal pass tickets,the goodie bag for the VIP ticket was just filled with a few samples,brochures and business cards which I felt was a burst,beauty fanatics love goodie bags.


That’s my opinion on the event,I would like to believe that this was their first event, so I hope they will improve on their next one.Other than that we did have fun and are greatful for the experience…

Black women doing the most

What are your expectations on Beauty Expos?Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “My Beauty Expo-The Highs & Lows”

  1. I agree totaly with you. They have alot to improve. They gave us passes for Sunday. Not alot of stalls to buy from, too many open stalls and alot of the brands as promised not even there. A bar, with people that didnt know how to mix and food was non existant. Learned nothing new in the beauty industry that we didnt already know. Where was all the hyped up beauty new technology . Decor was just a no no no. And the goodie bag was not worth it ither, a purple mini bag 1 bottle water few pamphlets ect. Like in no. Big no. I go to so many expos and events. Did nobody do their homework. But funny enough, this is second expo/event ive been to in 3 weeks, that was just a total let down.

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