I am one person who loathes funny smells, and I’m also a sucker for lovely scents.Anything that smells lovely i’m there?;perfume,flowers,body lotions,shower gels,etc.So I keep my space smelling great using scented candles, flowers, room sprays,potpourri, etc.The only downside with all these is that the scent fades overtime, which is where reed diffusers come in.

Reed Diffusers are simply oil-based scents in a glass container with rattan sticks to disperse the scent constantly in a room,plus they are stylish.They date back to ancient civilizations including Greeks, Egyptians and the Romans.They will work well in any position where there’s traffic.I prefer placing mine where there is sufficient aeration, like close to a window but not directly to avoid the oil evaporating too much.


Diffusers can be found almost anywhere,local supermarkets and home decor stores.At the moment I have been loyal to two brands which so far haven’t disappointed, @Home(pictured) and AirScents (not pictured).

Size and Longevity

The @home diffuser comes in a 75ml packaging which usually lasts for a month or so  ,they also have larger bottles but I prefer the small ones.My favorite scent is the Water Flower,really I wish I could describe how this scent makes me feel.So uplifting ❤The Airscents diffusers are available in four different scents,Vanilla and Lemongrass are my favorites.They come in 100ml bottles and are long lasting,my current bottle is on its 5th month,yes 5th?

The other thing to remember with diffusers is to change the sticks or simply rotate the ends of the sticks to refresh and prolong the scent. Also the more sticks your diffuser bottle has the better! I have recently just learnt how to make my own diffusers yay! So i’ll be doing a DIY post soon,stay tuned.

Let me know if you’re a fan of diffusers,which brand is your fave or any diffuser questions you might have hit me up?

Till the next one

Love V❤?

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