Happy February and Friday Loves,

I might be a bit late with this post but you know what they say..This year my goal is to share bits and pieces of my life with you as I would like for you guys to get know me and of course I want to be more engaging with all of you. So this post is a bit personal with regard to how my 2018 was, all the lessons I’ve learnt and what I’m looking and hoping for in this new year.. So, grab something to drink and let’s…

The Highs

Now, in my career I must say that I’ve learnt a great deal in my job and also with my school work which are kind of interrelated. I also got to compete my Honours degree which was blissful because it was such a challenging journey. I’ve met so many amazing people at school and also with blogging. I attended my first event in July which was amazing and met so many lovely ladies whom some became friends. A couple of doors were also opened up Pinkbubbles blog and I couldn’t be anymore happier to be more where I am today.

The Lows

Towards the end of 2017,I went through a  tough time in my relationship. I experienced emotional abuse from  the person I was dating as if that was enough, then came a series of cheating. Yea, I know, sounds like a drama movie right? But I went through all of that and I also started questioning a lot of things about myself. I was so unhappy, depressed, bitter, angry and mostly heartbroken and I started 2018 on the wrong foot with all of that.


With everything that has happened, I learned that after every storm there’s sunshine. I got out of my tiring relationship, started the process of healing and the journey of self- love and trust me it wasn’t easy. I read so many books on healing, depression and forgiveness…And so I stopped questioning everything about myself as to whether I’m enough or as to why I went through what I went through. I learned that self love is very important and I owed to myself that much, how do I love others when I can’t even  love myself? Another lesson was to learn to appreaciate all the little things in my life and I wont lie and say that I’m there as this takes time but life is so much better now and I’m finally happy and have made peace with everything. And also God gave me the most amazing partner I could ever ask for. My take home lesson is to never ever settle for more than what you deserve and don’t put your happiness in other people (it’s indeed an inside job).


So, this year I’m hoping to grow in blogging especially with my content and I would also like to do more collaborations. I plan to study further and also grow in my career, I’m definitely catching flights this years…Yup I’m gonna travel and I’m prioritizing peace and happiness always. Most importantly, I want to forgive myself of previous mistakes and focus more on loving myself more and more.

That’s it Loves, my wish is that we all flourish and become successful this year. And if there’s any of you who ever needs to talk, I’m always happy to lend an ear.

Let me know what you’re mostly hoping this year below..

Till the next one

Love V

6 thoughts on “Saying Bye to 2018 and Hello to 20 Nice Things”

  1. I’m so happy that you’re in a happy place now! I find that talking about stuff helps you to heal. So glad you wrote this post! Congrats on doing your honors!

  2. I’m glad you shared your story and I must say I’ve learnt one of few things. This year definitely it’s going to be a full of achievements and blessings . Cheers 🥂

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