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Hey Guys! I’m back with a review on Colourpop products, but before I delve into that,might I say Happy New Year! And a quick thank you for the support you guys have shown this blog in the previous year.You guys rock! So excited for the many exciting and great things I have in store for you guys.

So last year I did a mini Colourpop haul to spoil myself for my birthday, the package arrived after my birthday but it was worth the wait.After reading so many reviews on this brand, some of which were good and some not so good, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the products I bought.Ah yes, the packaging! Can we take a moment of silence to appreciate the packaging. Really liked the holographic design.

Colourpop Lippie Pencils
Lippie Pencils Top-Bottom: Bound,Taurus.


So first up, we have the Lippie Pencils in Taurus and Bound. Bound is a nude pink/mauve shade, some other bloggers believe this to be a dupe to MAC’s ”Whirl”. Taurus is a lovely yellow-brown shade, perfect nude brown for those natural makeup days.The lippie pencils can worn alone or with lipstick, I prefer wearing them as lipstick but of course after proper lip-prep.And might I add, that these we very long lasting on lips, and highly pigmented which is plus!

Highlighter and Brow Pencil
Highlighter and Brow Pencil

Next up is the Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Wisp, talk about glow of the gods!This highlighter has become a fave, no fallout,non-chalky,pigmented and lasts forever.Also, I love the texture which reminds me of marshmallows?. The Brow Pencil in Bangin Brunette is great for my brows,lasts way much longer than my Essence liner.The only thing I hate is the fact that the pen is not retractable, so one can lose a lot of product if not cautious.

Swatches of Highlighter and Brow Pencil
Swatches of Highlighter and Brow Pencil

Last but not least, the ever-famous Ultra-Matte Lips. From some of the reviews I read on these, they were either too drying or didn’t last as long. I’m glad to report that I didn’t experience any of that.I got the shades Ouji,Viper and Avenue. The key to making these last long and be less drying on the lips is proper lip prep, by that I mean exfoliation,lip priming,making sure you remove the primer before application and not rubbing lips until the formula dries up.

Swatches of the Ultra Matte Lip, Ouji, Viper and Avenue (top-bottom)
Swatches of the Ultra Matte Lip, Ouji, Viper and Avenue (top-bottom)

Overall, I loved all the products I bought, and will definitely be buying more from Colourpop. Please share your thoughts on any Colourpop products you’ve tried in the comments below.


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