It’s that time again?, time for another Essence Christmas Edition and obviously another product review ?. Essence is one of my fave brands,I love almost every product they make and I wish they can make foundation shades for woman of color.They never disappoint, and their products are of great quality at reasonable prices, I can sing praises for this brand all day long ?.

This year Essence launched the Winter Wonderful Collection,and let me just say that the first time I saw this collection on Essence’ Twitter page my heart skipped a bit? I wanted to run to the shops and get the entire collection immediately?.Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it at first but after searching harder I managed to get my hands on these babies.

This collection is breathtaking? the packaging is so lovely,perfect for Christmas, reminds me of snowflakes all the time.I wanted the entire collection, but since I’m cutting down on my spending due to reckless beauty hauls I decided to pick a few products.Let’s see what I picked?


Nail Polish-Limited Edition -R34.95 

The Collection has 4 nail polishes and a topcoat,they are all lovely but The Iced and The Crystalized shades stood out for me.The Crystalized is a lovely champagne shade,it has a lovely metal and glossy finish. The Iced nail polish stole my heart,it is so glam. Reminds me of Sally Hansen’s Sugarcoat Collection except this one is even better  and it looks exactly like ice on the nails soo pretty !I think every lady should get at least one shade from this nail collection,I’m contemplating on going back for more.


Swatches of the nail polishes,from top to bottom The Iced and The Crystalized (sorry I couldn’t swatch on my nails,they were in a bad state)



Eternal Ice Lip Balm- Limited Edition- R38.95

The one thing that made me scoop this up was the shimmer and sparkle…This lip balm is so pretty,but you do not have to worry about the shimmer transferring on the lips, this goes on clear.Also it has a gentle vanilla scent which I really like and in terms of moisture it’s okay.

You Melt My Heart Hand Balm- Limited Edition- R38.95

This one I was so excited to try..This is the first hand balm I have ever tried from Essence and I wish they could make more of this type of hand balms.I really like this hand balm,not only does it have a great perfumery scent which lasts long but it is packing moisture.I think I may have found my fave hand balm.

It’s So Fluffy Pom Pom Hair Ties- R28.95

I REALLY loved these hair ties (not pictured) I stopped myself from buying them, but I’ve decided to finally go get them.Simply because nothing haunts like something you didn’t buy?

That’s all I picked up guys..Let me know if you’ve tried anything from this range, or what you would like to try

Love V ❤



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