I have been on the lookout for new and exciting local brands and the search has been quite interesting so far.I first heard about Kiki Beauty from Just Katleho when she spoke about their products on her blog.I later got to follow them on Instagram and finally decided to try them out.

The brand is South African and female owned (girl power). I received great service when I ordered,the communication was great and the shipping was also quick.I bought the primer which is their bestselling product and the Rose setting spray where I received the Mysterious perfume with one of my orders and of course a handful of samples to try out.

Kiki Beauty

Can we just take a moment to appreciate their packaging.I love sparkles but the combo is bomb.The packaging is sleek and speaks for itself.You can already anticipate great quality from such nicely packaged products which isn’t the case but you get my point.Ive used all the products and I think I can give a proper review on each of them,so grab a cuppa and read on…

Kiki Beauty Setting Spray

One of the things I liked about this was the scent,the smell of roses is my absolute fave.I like how this spray gives my skin that fresh look and how it holds my makeup.I’ve noticed that my makeup lasts longer as compared to my Fix +which I use to set with.

Kiki Beauty Mysterious Perfume

I received this as part of the Black Friday order I made with Kiki,I was anxious about the smell but I loved it the moment I tried it out.The name is suiting as I cannot describe the exact smell of this.All the notes gel together to give a lovely scent.My bottle is almost finish and I will definitely repurchase.

Kiki Beauty

Kiki Beauty Primer

I’ve seen reviews of this primer and most of your faves on Instagram highly recommended it.As you all know,I struggle with oily skin and I’ve tried silicone primers which only worked when my skin was in a good state.The primer moisturizes and snoothes skin.I also noticed how flawless my makeup applied after using the primer,my skin loves it.It also helps with making my makeup last longer,I’m really happy with this primer.

I highly recommend that you try their products,especially the primer.You can find Kiki products here,they are currently having a Valentines special so do check them out.

That’s it from me loves,let me know what you think of these products

Till the next one

Love V

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