Hey Beauties!! I trust you are doing well.This post has been long overdue and I’m glad it’s finally up. A while back I won a competition by Dave Lackie and I received these Lancome Matte Shakers as my prize. For those who don’t know, Dave is a beauty editor and expert and he is always running great giveaways on his twitter and website plus he gives great makeup tips.He is such a fun and humble person,follow him here.

Lancome matte Shaker

Lancome took the beauty world by storm when they released their Juicy shaker lip oils which received a great amount of positive feedback, so the release of the matte shakers has been greatly anticipated and they are FINALLY HERE!! Lancome promises a comfort matte high pigment liquid lipstick which I believe is a big claim as very few matte liquid lipsticks have passed that test.

lancome matte shakers


I really love the cute miniature cocktail shaker packaging, it’s really classy and edgy.I really enjoy using this as one has to shake them to get some product onto the applicator,this always reminds me of bartender scenes in movies.The applicator is great for precise application and I’ve realised I don’t need to line my lips when using this which is a plus in my books.

lancome matte shaker


Although these are dubbed as “matte”, in my experience these applied semi-matte on my lips.I would advise proper lip prep before application as I found these to be a bit flaky on my lips when they are not properly prepped.The matte shakers dry up quickly unlike most liquid lipsticks I’ve used. Two coats are great to give me intense pigment,they last for a while on my lips and leave a lovely tint when they fade.


They are available in 7 shades, and I SERIOUSLY feel we could use more shades of these.I received this gorgeous cosmetic purse carrying 4 shades in Kiss Me Cherrie, Magic Orange, Yummy Pink and Pink Power which is my fave of all four. Kiss Me Cherrie is a brick red shade, Magic Orange is described as a vibrant orange but on my lips it looks like a sunburnt  orange.Yummy Pink is a bright pink shade which reminds me of MAC’s Candy Yum Yum,lastly Pink Power is lovely magenta.

lancome matte shakers
Top from left to right, Magic Orange and Pink Power
Bottom from left to right;Yummy Pink and Kiss Me Cherrie

Overall, I am impressed with the matte shakers,the wear,packaging and the formula.I really wish these came in a wider shade range.They are quite pricey, but they are great when you are in the mood to splurge.

What do you guys think about the new matte shakers?Have you tried them?If not, would you try them out?Let me in the comment section below.

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