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I’ve been away for sometime but that’s only coz it’s test period,however I wanted to share my thoughts on the LCN products I received weeks back.A while ago I attended the Looking Good LCN ladies night event which I spoke about here. A week later,the LCN group was kind to send me a few products for me to test out and review.So I’ll share my thoughts on those products including the products I received in the goodie bag from the event.So grab a cup and read on…


LCN With Compliments Hand Cream

I popped this into my handbag the minute I received it,it’s very small which is an advantage because it makes it travel friendly but also a disadvantage as it will finish fast and I love it.Okay,there I said it!I love this hand cream,!!! Not only does it smell divine but it has managed to keep my hands nourished as if that’s not enough reason for me to love it,it tops that up by being anti-aging.I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a cream due to its thin formula and texture as compared to other hand creams I’ve tried,it’s more like a hand lotion.But hey it does a great job than some hand creams I’ve came across.Definitely worth the coins!

LCN Lipgloss in Natural Beauty

The natural beauty gloss is the perfect pinkish nude for my lips,it gives my lips this lovely natural colour. I love the mirror on the back of the gloss which makes on-the-go application a dream.The texture is creamy and the pigment is great with just a single application needed to give a nice tint on the lips. It feels good on the lips but like every other gloss it does fade as the day goes by.


LCN Hand Peeling Cream

I was very intrigued by this,it was honestly my first time coming across a hand peeling cream and I just wanted to give it a try immediately.This does a good job at exfoliating and removing dead skin cells,I felt the difference immediately after use.My hands went through during winter and this product helps to restore and make them look healthy after use.

LCN Diamond Power and Cuticle oil

I applied the Diamond Power top coat on my nails after I had them done and it gave them a lovely shiny finish,making them look even more stunning.I haven’t used it on my natural nails but I’ll give a report on that once I do.The cuticle oil really helps keep my cuticles moisturizer and soothed,especially from all the strain after I get my nails done.Its a must have in my nail care kit.

I’m quite impressed with the products so far,truth be told though,the products are a bit pricy but the quality is worth all the coins.If you haven’t tried the out,please do.Check them out here.Let me know your thoughts or any questions below

Till the next one Loves

Love V 🖖🏽♥️

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