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We are in the middle of winter and the weather has been harsh of late…Raise your hand if you’re so over winter✋✋…Those of you who follow me on Instagram,if you don’t please do (@pinkbubbles_blog) know that I attended the Looking Good LCN ladies night this past Thursday.It was a big deal for me because it was the first event I’ve ever been invited to since I started blogging and to top it off my best friend was there alongside with me.

Truth be told,it was a lovely event!!!The event was held at Grace Skin & Wellness Spa in Parkmore,Sandton. We had bubbles along with complementary nibbles and we were taken through the spa and also through the type of services offered.Of course the focus brand for the night was LCN,a German brand that specializes in skin and makeup products with the aim to empower and encourage women to be the best.

The brand has a variety of products from nail polishes,body care,makeup, etc. Some bestsellers include the warming foot cream which helps build heat on your feet with its special ingredients,the 3in1 Express Honeydew melon exfoliator which will leave your hands and skin looking amazing plus it smells great.Also not forgetting their hand creams which pack insane hydration.

The highlight of the evening was meeting fellow bloggers and of course learning about the different products LCN has to offer. I received a goodie bag with three nail care products and a nail file,all inside a cute cosmetic bag which I can’t wait to start using.I must say,it was a relaxed and lovely evening-from the atmosphere,the food and the presentations.I truly had so much fun and all thanks to Brand Cartel.

That’s it guys,if you are in Sandton and are looking for a place to pamper yourself then Grace Skin &Wellness Spa is the place to be plus they are very affordable not forgetting super friendly.

Till the next one Loves

Love V🖖🏽❤️

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