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I hope you’re all well-rested and ready for the new week. I’m a bit excited and optimistic about this week and mostly about this year. So, I have been requested in the previous year to test and review some affordable makeup products instead of always featuring high end products on the blog. And I took on that challenge and today I will be sharing my impressions on two primers I’ve been testing for oily skin. Now, I won’t lie- I only started taking makeup primers serious in 2018 and I now understand their importance in any makeup application. And so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying primer and the Essence You Better Work Gym Proof primer.

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Essence You Better Work Gym Proof primer (R79.95, Clicks)

I think this primer was designed specifically for gym babes but with the extremely high temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, I was keen to see if this will help keep my makeup in place during summer. The primer is a green-like liquid packaged in a tube, so you basically squeeze the tube a bit to dispense out the product. This primer helps color correct against redness which is an absolute plus, it also contains SPF 20 and promises to blur out imperfections. The primer applies smoothly and is easily absorbed, what I noticed with this primer is that my makeup did go on smoothly and I don’t sweat as much as I do when I use it. I didn’t see much change with my pores and my texture, so this didn’t help blur my skin but my makeup lasted way much longer with this on and my oily T-zone was kept in check.

L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer ( R230, Clicks)

I ordered this primer from Superbalist online during their Black Friday sale and I think it was 90 bucks by that time. The primer has a silicone texture and comes in a tube, and it goes on matte on the skin. It really does leave my skin feeling super smooth without being heavy on the skin. I like the fact that this primer really helps blur out my pores and makes my skin look good underneath makeup. The primer makes my makeup lasts a bit longer all though I still become oily after some hours of applying my makeup and have to powder up. Sometimes I use it together with the Essence one to reap benefits from both and I find that they work well together.

I think that my skin has just been in its own place lately, my t-zone is just too oily than it used to be. I believe both primers are good and for what the one doesn’t offer the other makes up for it. I do recommend both of them if you struggle a lot with oily or combination skin.

That’s it from me Loves, what are your holy grail primers? Let me know below.

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