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I trust you are well.This is my first blog after 3 months of ups & downs, it has been a while and I cant begin to describe how much I have missed this.So good to be back 😀 . Today I am sharing my favorite top 5 lip products from Revlon, and I am not gonna lie it was difficult deciding which to include.So lets get to it 🙂




Colorburst Matte Balm (unapologetic, R165)

First up is the matte balm, when these babies first  broke onto the scene I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.Devotion,shameless were among some of the shades i picked up.This baby I exchanged with my friend as she complained it was too light.This is a lovely bright pink shade,perfect for summer,I also wear this on those days when I want to boost confidence and boy it works.In terms of longevity,this unfortunately lasts for 3 hours on my lips then I have to reapply.But that’s something i can overlook,as the colorpay off is  very good.

 Colorburst Lip Butters(Tutti Frutti)

I love this lippie,its smooth,buttery and it nourishes while adding a tint of colour to my lips. Tutti Frutti is a subtle orange shade with a glossy finish,which is not overpowering and it is great for when I’m running errands as it is effortless. I found that this shade was just perfect,and it was comfortable on my lips.The staying power is quite good,but unfortunately these babies are being discontinued(sobs) but if you’re lucky you can get a couple at Dischem.

Colorstay Moisture Stain (Parisian Passion)

When I first saw this,I thought it’s one of those lipsticks with a sticky and difficult to work with formula, but boy was I wrong.This stain has won my heart forever,yes it’s that good. Long wearing,non sticky and pigmented as hell. This is a lovely deep plum shade with a glossy finish (I so wish it was matte). It wears for up to 5 hours and leaves behind a lovely stain on the lips,this unfortunately is also being discontinued (why Revlon?why) but I have seen a few at Clicks and Dischem so go! go! go!

Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor (True Chocolate, R179)

Overtime indeed!If you are looking for a lipstick that is going to stay on your lips the entire day and not budge then this right here is your baby.I wore this around 7am while prepping for work and at 16:30 when I knocked off it was still there,yes!No budging,no bleeding nothing!Revlon made their point with this one.I still remember how difficult it was to remove this after work the first time I wore it,even with my Micellar water I was still struggling, that’s how pigmented and longwearing this little guy is.This is a lovely bronze-ish shade,its a two step application product.First start with the lipcolor,let it dry for a minute and then apply the gloss (transparent) and voila you’re ready to slay the world.No reapplication required,how great is that?

Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (Devotion, R165)

I love matte lipsticks,but they can be harsh and drying on lips.But Revlon has heard and answered our prayers with their HD matte lipcolor range.Revlon did the damn thing with these babies.These lipsticks are pigmented and nourishing at the same time and yes they are matte.Devotion is my fave shade from the range,and it is a nude pink shade also perfect for summer,these wear for a good 5 hours on my lips before reapplication.With the quality I’m getting for a matte lip,that is awesome.Go get guys!


Below are swatches on my hand, starting from the top going down,is the Lipbutter,Lipstain,Mattebalm,Overtime lip color and lastly the HD ultra matte lip color.



All these can be found at Dischem,Clicks,Edgars, etc.That’s it for now guys. Let me know if you have tried any of these products,your experiences or ask me anything related in the comment section.


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