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Hope everyone is doing well,I’m officially done with exams so that means I can finally work on my blog and improve a few things there and there.Thank you guys for your constant support and love.A while ago Clicks had a sale on selected NYX products and I picked up two, a gloss which I’ve been loving and the Pro lip Cream palette.

NYX Pro Cream Palette

NYX is a drugstore brand that has been around for a while now,I can’t remember how many reviews and videos I’ve read/watched on their products but I took time to try them out even though I’m late I’m glad I finally gave them a try.Today I just wanted to share with you my impressions on the Pro Lip Cream Palette..

NYX Pro Cream Palette

The packaging is black and sleek, I can’t help but think how it looks like the Mac lip and concealer palettes, I still like it though.The palette has 6 pans of different shades of red,they also have other palettes in different shades of pinks,plums and nudes.I got the one with reds because you can never go wrong with red and can never have too much of it.I know the shades may look almost identical but they do differ in undertones,I’ve been enjoying the two orangey shades most because they compliment my skin tone and are great for when I want something different.

NYX Pro Cream palette

The consistency and the formula is very nice, these do not feel sticky or waxy on my lips.Though the shades are pigmented I still have to lay them up to get proper coverage on my lips.The one thing I didn’t like about the palette is the longevity.I find that these don’t last as much as I want them to but that’s because I was spoiled by liquid lipsticks.So that means they do transfer and you have to reapply once in a while,of course I can’t compare the palette to liquid lipsticks whereas the formula of the palette is creamy and similar to cream lipsticks.

Overall, I think this is a great product to own and to have in your kit if you’re a MUA.The shades range is great and the creamy formula is great for colder months.I still prefer my liquid lipsticks though🙈.

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4 thoughts on “NYX Pro Lip Cream Palette First Impressions”

  1. Thanks for the review girl. I’ve always been wary of lip palettes – I always tended to think they don’t have enough pigmentation.
    You’re right about liquid lipsticks, they’ve spoilt us in terms of staying power

  2. Love the colours; you can also use the palette as blush and eye-shadow. Nice one, I must definitely check it out😊

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