Hi everyone ?, whoo its been a minute.Hope all is well with you guys.Happy November!! I cant believe Christmas is a few weeks away,time flies hey.Anyway, good news,I’m doing a new series on the blog where I’ll be talking about my first impressions on different products and also sharing my empties every month, can I get a yay! I have no doubts that you guys will enjoy this and also thank you for the support so far❤

So today I’ll be doing my very first installation of the series,which is for the month October.So buckle up, and enjoy the ride?




Avon Footworks Intensive Callus Cream

My biggest concern with my feet is calluses (dead cells buildup), so I decided to give this a try.I slapped this on before bed and woke up with smooth,soft feet the next day.Will continue using, I’m hopeful this will save my feet.

Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands Hula Hands Sanitiser

I’m new to sanitisers, I’ve always thought that they weren’t that important, till two of my friends convinced me,lol.I fell inlove with the scent immediately, fruity and perfect for summer. It works well and leaves my hands feeling extremely clean.

Revlon HD Matte Lipcolor

I’m probably late with this one,but oh well. After reading many rave reviews,took the plunge and got myself one to try.I loved the color pay off and the fact that it isn’t drying on the lips like other matte lipsticks,I was only disappointed with the staying power.But I think that I can overlook.

Nivea Perfect & Radiant 3in1 Mattifying Cleanser

I was looking forward to trying this as I already own the day and night cream.But unfortunately this broke my skin out a lot and I had to discontinue use.

Essence Prettifying Lip Oil

These have been on the shelves for a while,so I recently got to try mine. Though I’m not a huge fan of lip oils and glosses,I won’t really call this an oil as it feels more like gloss.It really moisturised my lips and helped with some cracked areas on my lips.Just not a fan of the scent,but it gains a place in my go-to lip stuff.

Catrice Chocolate Nudes Palette

I really had high hopes for this one,as it was my first Catrice palette and it’s sad to say that it didn’t impress.The matte shades were the worst, couldn’t even swatch them on my hand and in terms of application the pigmentation was bad.Only the brown shades swatched better.

Dischem Nail Enamel Dryer Finishing Spray

I picked up this baby at Dischem for less than 20 bucks,I seriously had doubts about it and boy was I wrong.Gone are those days when I have to wait for my nail polish to dry up.I used this at night after doing my nails,gave it 10 min (just in case) to dry up and then hit the sheets.The following day the nail polish was still intact,no smudging lines,nothing..Seriously for the price I paid,this is a germ.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products,and which product were you impressed with in October.

Till the next one Beauties


Love V  ❤?




7 thoughts on “October’s First Impressions”

  1. I think I’m going to give the hand sanitizer a try as I always feel the need to wash my hands throughout the day. Thank you so much for sharing?

  2. Hai bo!!!
    I LOVE the chocolate nudes palette!!! Especially the matte chocolate shade at the very end! I typically use just the darker shades on the palette! I’m so shocked that you didnt like it 🙁 Thats such a bummer! 🙁

    Sorry doll!

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