Tom Ford is well known for his designer bags,shoes,apparel on the runway and his signature fragrances.I have been lusting on his shoes (dear God ?).So apparently, he has a cosmetic line which is kick ass according to most of the reviews I’ve read.So the other day as I was shopping at Sandton City, I stumbled upon his cosmetics  at Stuttafords and this eye liner caught my eye.


The Noir Absolute For Eyes Eye Liner

Firstly, can we take a moment of silence to appreciate how classy the packaging is, my gosh..So the liner is blue-black with a little bit of sparkle(not overwhelming) which will definitely make your eyes pop.I’m not a cream or gel liner person, I usually just reach out for my pencil liners/kohl so I took a huge leap with this liner, but I think it payed off.

The formula isn’t exactly soft, but a good brush will do the job,what I love the most about this liner is its longevity.After 8 hours of wear, and it still looked good like I had just applied it ?.Here you’re definitely getting quality worth your money.I also use it to create a smoky eye by smudging it around my crease and then voila!

The liner comes in a glass jar, 3.5 g yeah that’s tiny but it will probably last you a while especially if like me, you only wear makeup on special occasions or thrice a month?.Now the heavy part *sigh*, it retails for R425 yes you read that right, LOL. Once in a while a lady has to splurge,actually bought this as one of the birthday gifts to myself.It is quite pricey but I think it’s worth it.Hopefully this swatch below might convince you


Overall, this is worth trying if you are looking for a liner that is gonna last you the entire day.It is available at Stuttafords Sandton City.I think I’ll be getting more products from this line in future,I’m really impressed with this liner.

Let me know which products have you ever splurged on,would you buy an eye liner with that price tag?

Till next time

Love V ❤


6 thoughts on “Tom Ford Beauty : Noir Absolute Eye Liner Review”

  1. Man I’m such a huge fan of Tom Ford ? lord the shoes hey .. I love this review , I struggle with the pencil eye liner I think I would definitely love this , it is a bit pricey thou but I honestly think it’s worth it from your review . It looks so good and Ofcoz the packaging ❤️? so classy I’m totally sold .i also love the fact that it last for the whole day

  2. Oh goodness! You know I’m a lover of Tom Ford! Perfumes, and Makeup! That eyeliner looks greeat!!!
    However I cant justify spending R425 on something sooooo small. But I think a little does go a long way, so it will probably last you a longggggg time!!!

    Great post doll! <3

    1. Lol I had to convince myself to buy this,but a little goes a long way. Im expecting it to last for more than 6 months…And yes your Tom Ford bug bit me,actually you are to blame lol

  3. TF is well know for quality products and for someone like me who loves eyeliner/mascara … that liner sounds like a must have.. it’s pricey but it better be worth it and it must last for a while ( atleast 4weeks )..
    The packaging is on “Hello”..

    but its definitely on my “to buy list”..

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