Now we all know how harsh winter can be on the skin and how much of a mission it is to get rid of the dull skin left behind. But no need to worry my peeps, I have found something that will get rid of those dead cells and leave your skin glowy and ready just in time for summer. I’ve been using the Afriderm Exfoliating Body Scrub for a while now and I’m satisfied with how it leaves my skin everytime after use.

Afriderm Exfoliating Body Scrub

Afriderm Exfoliating Body Scrub

Now for those who aren’t aware, Afriderm is a  South African skincare company which produces products that cater for dark skin and basically women of color. Now, if you follow this blog you will know that I’m a fan of their peeling gel which I reviewed here. Their products are very affordable and contain NO PARABENS which are chemicals added into cosmetics to improve their shelf life or in lamest terms preservatives that may cause harm to your skin.

Made of sea salt and other essential oils this scrub will leave your skin not only squirky clean but feeling smooth, it also has this refreshing smell which I’m obsessed with. The scrub  also contains avocado, apricot, sweet almond oils which pack a lot of moisture power, so it also leaves your skin moisturised and soft.

Afriderm Exfoliating Body Scrub

The salt particles can be a bit harsh on sensitive skin which is why one shouldn’t overscrub but in my case I find them to be very efficient and time saving in comparison to using scrubs with microbeads or particles. I recommend using this scrub twice a week to achieve glowy and evenly toned skin. On the side of packaging, the scrub comes in a nice plastic tub with a pretty lid which is convenient .

Afriderm products are available on their website here or at Edgars stores.

That’s it loves, let me know if you have tried Afriderm Skincare products before and which of their products are your fave.


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