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You know what they say about time.We are 3 months away from Christmas and a few months ago it looked like we will never get here.So a while ago I won a competition on Instagram hosted by Be Uzuri and they sent me their entire product range to try out.I wanted to share with you what I’ve received and also the products I’ve already tested.Be Uzuri as the name translates “be beautiful” is a local beauty brand which focuses on skin products the natural way.Their products are handmade with love and the ingredients are sourced within Africa. The product packaging is very lovely, like the floral design as it add a nice pop of color.


This is a multi-tasking product which can be used on the body, feet and hair. I love how this butter nourishes my skin, it has assisted my skin during winter. I applied this on areas which are prone to dryness, like my knuckles, soles and my legs, sometimes when I’m in a hurry I use this as a hand cream and it works wonders! I’m not hyping this up, but this butter is a must have if you’re prone to dry skin, the tub looks small but a little goes a long way. The butter does have a distinct smell, which is said to that of clary sage but it is not bad at all. So if smooth and silky skin is on your list, then this is definitely for you!


I’m a huge fan of vanilla scents, so the first thing that caught my attention was the vanilla smell. This scrub smells so good!!! It contains vanilla, honey & oats, first time I used this I noticed how smooth and glowy my skin looked. It is very effective in removing dead skin cells, I could tell from the first use. I use it occasionally especially when I want smooth and silky skin, I also love how the vanilla scent lingers on my skin after use. This is a great product, and it’s worth buying.


I’ve never used a hot cloth cleanser before,so this was all new to me. I’ve used this twice to remove my makeup and boy was I SHOOK!!!! I scooped some of this stuff and literally felt it melt in my hands, applied it on my face basically on all areasĀ  and when I removed it with a hot cloth all my makeup was gone! I know those who have oily skin might cringe at this one, but actually in all my struggles with acne and oily skin I’ve learnt that it’s okay to use oil on oily skin as long as the oil is non-comedogenic (which means it doesn’t clog pores).I have been using this and my skin hasn’t broke out at all. I really enjoy this product and have been reaching out for it more than my Garnier Micellar water.


Another multitasking product which contains black soap and oils to gently cleanse all the skin dirt without stripping off the natural oils on the skin. It also contains tea tree oil which is a plus in my books as the oil helps fight breakouts. I tried using during winter but I didn’t like it much as my skin was already dry and I felt that my skin was too dry after use. My skin is going back to its normal oily self because winter is gone now, and I’ve been using this for a couple of days now and I’m happy with how it feels as compared to before. I have seen on their Insta page that some use this on their hair and to also clean their brushes. I will try it on my makeup brushes to see how it works. Will also give an update on how my skin is holding up.

As much as I love beauty products, it’s so exciting to use locally produced products. I really enjoyed these products and I will definitely be repurchasing. Do check them out here..

That’s it loves, hope you enjoyed this post.. Let me know if there’s any thing you’d like to know about Be Uzuri or any beauty related questions below.

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