body shop body cream

Now if there’s one place I wouldn’t mind visiting daily is The Body Shop, a beauty heaven!!!Being surrounded by intoxicating, divine scents plus their lovely packaging.I’m a great fan of this brand, their products are organic, cruelty free and smell divine.Now as much as I love fragrances, I always avoid fragranced lotions as most of them tend to be overpowering on the skin and never hydrate my skin.Let’s see if this baby is the same as all the others.

I was wandering around the Body Shop when I caught sight of this body cream,I was so drawn to the lovely blossoms on the packaging.So I decided to test some of it on my hand, and boy was I blown away.As I’ve already mentioned that I never preferred fragranced lotion, that went out of the window the minute the scent hit my nose.What impressed me more was that besides the lovely scent ,this baby was so hydrating and made my skin soft.

Body shop body cream


  • Divine scent which isn’t too overpowering
  • Hydrating
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth
  • Lovely packaging
  • Scent lasts for a couple of good hours


To be honest, I couldn’t find any cons with this product. Also I can’t say if whether or not this would be suitable for use on sensitive skin, if you are into fragranced lotions I believe this will be a delight.


Have you guys tried this yet? Are you into fragranced lotions or not?Let me know in the comment section.


Thanks for reading guys,that’s it from me


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