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I trust everyone is doing well, today I’m back with a short review on a product I’ve been so excited on using since I knew about its release. I am talking about the Bodyshop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Polishing Powder Wash. I’ve had some acne scars and spots on my face for a while and have always hoped to find something that might help fade those which is why I’ve incorporated exfoliating products in my skincare routine. But I always have to be careful as¬†overuse of exfoliants might cause sensitivity to my skin, I heard great things about this guy from Leigh at lipglossismylife¬†and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Bodyshop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Polishing Powder Wash

The product comes in a plastic bottle which is cute, I know it looks a bit small but you get 33 grams of product which is more than your faves foundation product. The good part about this, is that a little goes a long way meaning you can have a month or more of usage out of this depending on how much you use it. Basically, you squeeze out the adequate amount of the product, add water, form into a paste then rub onto the skin and then rinse off.

The product claims to smooth, illuminate and even out skin. On my first use, I noticed how soft my skin was after using and also how radiant it looked, more like that subtle glow. With continuous use, I experienced softer and radiant skin but no even skin tone. I understand that it takes a while to get rid or fade pigmentation and uneven skin so I will continue to use the product to see if it helps with that. Also worth noting, the product has a distinct smell which some might find irritating but I like it (weirdo). The product goes for R85 at the Bodyshop which is quite a steal considering the amount of product you are getting.

If you are looking for a gentle exfoliant option, I recommend this as it is gentle on the skin and leaves the skin radiant.

That’s it for today Loves, let me know what your thoughts are regarding this product and also your fave products which you want me to try.

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