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As I mentioned in the previous post that I will be sharing a few recent mini hauls with you, today I want to share the BodyShop Mini haul. In case you missed the last mini haul you can check it here, so you know of late the BodyShop has been having these irresistible 3 for 2 sales and no matter how much I TRIED lol I just couldn’t resist the urge to grab a few products.Those of you who are fans of the brand will absolutely understand why, also there’s a mini giveaway at the end of the post just to thank you for your support and time. Now let’s get down to the haul, shall we?


Now I’m no stranger to this product. I love the blueberry scent which always reminds me of blueberry muffins which are my fave and also the hydration that this product packs. So I’m glad I could get this again especially since it’s a special edition to their body butters. I love the Bodyshop’s body butters, and I’m excited to have this baby in my collection again.


Jokes aside,I picked up this shower cream because of how yummy it looks??. Before I could even sniff it I was already drawn to it because of how it looks, it reminded me of a juicy mango smoothie, I know being a foodie sucks because sometimes I end up buying products because they remind me of my fave snack?I do love the scent of this product, it has a cocoa scent(duh!) which is so amazing.


Last but not least I got this hand butter,I’m not sure if a hand butter can purify and also I haven’t tried out a lot of hand butters in my life.So I’m excited to see what this will bring to the table.

The BodyShop Mini Haul

Now about the giveaway, this will be a mini giveaway just to say thank you for all your effort and support. I don’t think you understand how encouraging the support you give is to me.I will be doing two bigger giveaways in September and October to celebrate the blog’s birthday and my own birthday.

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Please follow all rules to qualify.I had problems uploading the picture of the goodies featured in the giveaway, will do that on Instagram, but I’ll give you an idea of what’s up for grabs.

Giveaway Goodies

  • the Balm Cosmetics Instain Blush
  • Essence xxxl shine lipgloss
  • ColourPop UltraMatte liquid lipstick
  • Mystery product from the Bodyshop

The giveaway is only valid to South African residents only and will end on the 30th August at 1pm. All the best guys!!?

Please let me know your thoughts on the mini haul and any questions you might have

Till the next one

Love V❤?


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