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Hope all is well,as you’re reading this I’m probably tackling my first paper in the exam room or I’m probably done with the paper all tucked into my sheets and Neflixing my life away🙈🙈I have been trying a few products recommended for acne and today I thought I should share my experience on this French skincare brand.Also as a side note,my skin has been breaking out frequently and Ive been working overtime to get it under control.Wow, problematic skin is a lot guys.

So I ordered this kit for $12 at Cult Beauty,my number one stop site for international beauty brands.If you haven’t tried them out yet,please do,if anyone needs more information please mail me or DM on Insta. Back to business,I purchased this kit mainly coz of the reviews I read on the serum with the range.The Vinopure range promises to control sebum production,thus reducing breakout rates and also clear skin.The kit comes with a toner,a serum and a mattifying moisturizer.Lets dissect the kit together…


Now I won’t lie, I haven’t always been big on toners and I thought my previous toner was kickbutt but how wrong was I?I found this toner to be very purifying indeed,I feel like it removes every trace of dirt from my face.I normally see this after I’ve removed my makeup.The only thing I’d say about this toner,is that it does what a tone ought to do but I haven’t seen any change with regard to reducing breakouts and stuff.I think this would be great if you’re just looking for a toner to lift off dirt from the skin.


I read amazing reviews on this serum on Sephora and Cult Beauty, of course there were a few negative ones here and there.The reviews stated that this serum controls acne and keeps the skin clear.Well in my experience,I didn’t experience any of that.Ive been using this kit for more than 3 weeks but my skin is still breaking out like hell.I’m disappointed in this serum as I had high hopes about it,the only good thing I can say about it is that it doesn’t leave my skin grease,it’s super matte and absorbs easily into the skin.This one is a pass for me.


I’ll keep this one short and straightforward,just like the serum,this product hasn’t done much for my problematic skin.However,I’ve enjoyed using it as it leaves my skin matte.In terms of sebum control,I don’t think it has helped much coz I’d still be oily after maybe an hour of using also even when I wear makeup I still have to prime and bake to keep the oil at bay.

I’m still testing out these products in case I see any changes I will let you guys know.But for now,I’m still not satisfied.Would I repurchase?I don’t think so,unless maybe I see some changes then I can repurchase.

That’s it for today guys.Have a great weekend and don’t forget to share with me your go-to products for acne.

Till the next one

Love V♥️🖖🏽

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