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Hope you guys are still okay, we’re freezing this side with the cold front and I hope you guys are keeping warm. Those who follow me on Instagram may be aware that a while ago a few bloggers were selected to collaborate with Dr Dermal on their influencer campaign. I was among those selected and we were sent two products based on our skin concerns. I’ve been using the products for over 7 weeks and I just wanted to share my journey and thoughts about the products. So grab a cup of something hot and read on…

Dr Dermal Skin Products

I received the Total Rejuvenation Plasma which I used day and night after toning my skin and the MicroRetinol 5 Repair which I also used twice daily. I have problematic skin, large pores and acne scars, not a great combo! I realized that these two products compliment each other, after use my skin is left feeling supple and super smooth. The total rejuvenation plasma is a serum meant for problematic, damaged and wrinkled skin, it contains hyaluronic acid and enzymes which promises wrinkle reduction, healthy and glowing skin. This was my favorite of the two, this product will leave your skin feel silky and velvety plus it sits well under my makeup! If there’s one product I’ll definitely be repurchasing is this one.

Dr Dermal Skincare Products

The micro-retinol 5 repair aids in the production of collagen which facilitates skin repair and promises to reduce pores, lines and wrinkles while controlling problematic skin by unplugging pores and increasing overall health of the skin. This product is responsible for my skin not breaking out a lot, sadly I didn’t see any significant change with my pores but I could see how healthy my skin looked. I believe that reduction of pores and pigmentation is a slow process and would require months of discipline on the routine to see results, so I cant fault the products.The products are also anti-aging which is a huge bonus, one con is that they don’t come cheap but I think they are worth splurging on.I’m going to continue using the products till their finished.

I’ve read almost all the reviews of the other bloggers and they also loved the products. Follow the reviews and impressions on Instagram using #skinbydrdermal #drdermal and kindly follow me on Insta too @pinkbubbles_blog. You can use the code: “PINKBUBBLES” for a few bucks off.

Dr Dermal Skincare Products

That’s it for now loves, check out the products on drdermal.com. Let me know your thoughts about Dr Dermal and your favorite skin products.

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