Essential and carrier oils have been around for a decades, but there’s been a huge hype around these oils lately,it has been discovered that these oils are capable of addressing different skin and hair issues and the good part is that these are organic unlike most cosmetic products which you don’t really know what has been added to them. So if you are a newbie to these oils you might struggle to understand the difference between these oil groups, so today I wanted to clear the confusion around that.So grab a cup of tea and let’s dissect this matter…

  • Are extracted from various plant material.
  • They are volatile and quickly evaporate when exposed to sunlight
  • Essential oils are highly concentrated and usually cause sensitivity to the skin when used alone.
  • Due to their volatility they are usually stored in glass bottles as some can eat away plastic packaging.
  • They are thinner that carrier oils.
  • To promote longevity store your essential oils in a dark place.
  • Examples include Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense,Geranium, etc.
Essential & Carrier Oils Difference
Windrose Lemon Essential Oil
  • Are usually extracted from the seeds,kennels or nuts of the plant.
  • They are not volatile and don’t evaporate as much as essential oils.
  • They are not potent and therefore won’t irritate the skin when applied topically
  • They are thicker and rich as compared to essential oils
  • Examples include Grapeseed, Argan, Jojoba, Rosehip, Olive,etc.
Essential & Carrier Oils Difference
Windrose Almond Oil (Carrier Oil)


  • Consider your skin type when using oils.
  • Oils higher in oleic acid are heavier and best suited for dry skin.
  • Oils higher in linoleic acid are non comedogenic and therefore great for oily skin.
  • ALWAYS dilute your essential oils with carrier oils to avoid skin irritation.

I’m sure now it is quite clear why carrier and essential oils are paired together, the nice part is that one can create their own facial serums customized to their skin’s needs using a variety of essential and carrier oils. For hair care, most people use carrier oils such as olive,grapeseed, coconut oil,I’m not sure if essential oils can also be used for hair.

Lastly, carrier oils can also be used alone on the skin, I know that Almond oil is great for under eye circles and scars. These oils are available from Dischem, I love the Windrose brand as it is affordable with great quality but Soil also makes these oils at reasonable prices though a bit higher than Windrose. If you prefer doing your shopping online then you can buy these here.

I hope this was informative…Hit me up with any question or comment you may have regarding oils..

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  1. I’m also using a lot of essential and carrier oils, now got my hands on the unrefined/raw shea butter from west africa. Waiting for unrefined coconut oil from Moz.

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