Exfoliation is important to incorporate in any skincare routine but one has to take caution when doing so, with high regard to their skin type. I have struggled with acne since high school and saying I have tried a lot of things is an understatement. Seriously,I have seen it all, from applying lemon slices and juice on my face to scrubbing my face with a loofah all in the hope that it will go away. And a few years later, I ONLY  realize that I was actually doing more harm than good. There is so much info on how to get rid of acne but most of it is just crap..I will do a skincare series on how to take care of acne prone skin, but today I would like to focus on exfoliation.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with exfoliating acne prone skin but the method you use to do that can affect the condition of your skin. There are a couple of ways one can exfoliate including but not limited to scrubs,brushes,abrasive pads, peels. Now , in my experience everytime I used scrubs,brushes and pads on my acne  I noticed that instead of my skin clearing up, the more zits I got on my skin. That was because the scrubbing would burst some of my zits and spread the acne-causing bacteria around thus resulting in more pimples.


  • ALWAYS be gentle when exfoliating acne skin
  • Opt for chemical exfoliators, such as peeling gels they are more gentle on skin
  • Monitor the amount of times you do it, cut back if your skin becomes irritated.
  • Avoid exfoliating during a breakout, or as mentioned before use a peeling gel instead
  • Moisturize skin properly after exfoliating.

Exfoliating acne skin properly


Now ,I know this is not a review post but I thought I should share with you guys a peeling exfoliator option which is inexpensive and has been doing wonders to my acne prone skin. Say hello to the Facial Intensive Care Peeling Gel  by Afriderm, I cannot begin to describe how this baby has helped smooth and radiate my skin without irritating or making my skin worse. It is gentle on the skin and sells for R90 at Edgars stores. On how to use, simply apply the gel on your skin, wait a few seconds then gently rub it off using your fingers and wash off with warm water. As you start rubbing you will notice small pellets which are just dead skin cells, a bit yucky but also satisfying.

Exfoliating acne skin properly
After rubbing the gel on the skin


Well that’s it from me beauties! Hope you found this useful and informative.Let me know what your exfoliation tips are in the comments below.


Till the next one.

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