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Today, I’m back with another review on the Garnier Tissue Masks. I know I’m lateĀ  to the party, but the continuous hype on these masks gave me so much FOMO. I’ve seen and read mixed reviews on these and I became interested on how they would perform on my oily skin. So far, I know of four variants of the masks from the range and I believe there is something for every skin type.

I picked up the Super Hydrating Rebalancing mask which is suitable for normal and combination skin. The mask contains green tea extract, hyaluronic acid which are great for combating oil production and breakouts. Hyaluronic acid help revatilize the skin for a healthier, smooth and glowy look and Green Tea on the other side improve the skin tone and reduces acne. The mask claims to hydrate the skin intensely, reduce pore visibility and leave the skin matte. It comes in a sachet like packaging through which one mask is worth one week of hydration.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask

I cleansed my face first, then placed the mask on my face and it was a struggle to shape it to my face as the masks are quite big (I still need my oxygen). Upon application,I noticed a tingling sensation which wasn’t so bad, I allowed the mask to sit on my face for 15 min according to instruction and immediately removed it there after. After use, I noticed how smooth and hydrated was, the serum from them mask though a bit stick dried down to a matte finish on the skin. My pores remained the same, of course pore reduction would require frequent use, to top it off I had this lovely glow of the day. However, the following day was a different story as my skin was back to it’s old ways. My skin wasn’t as plump and soft as the previous night, but there was a little bit of glow.

The verdict: In my opinion I would say this is an okay product. I really enjoyed the glow and suppleness of my skin but that was short lived. I didn’t see any change with my skin in terms of breakout, I still broke out even after use. However, I would recommend this if your skin is dehydrated and dull and you need a quick pick me up.

The masks are available at Dischem, Clicks and Foschini and they go for 50 bucks each.

I have only tried this one only as it was recommended for my skin type, will try to check out the other ones from the range. Let me know what you think about these masks, have they worked for you?or were they a total bust? Let me know in the comments

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  1. Ooooh I lurrrv this mask hey! It is so awesome and affordable and I am one with dry sensitive skin and it’s perfect. I think its going to be a winner in Winter!

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