Can you guys believe we are in Feb already?? Time really flies! I’m back with January’s First Impressions, now those who follow the blog have probably noticed that I skipped December’s First Impressions. It was a hectic month and also I was on break.My apologies guys.Let’s get down to business now shall we?

the bodyshop
Top: Body butters Bottom: Day and Night Creams

First up we have The Bodyshop Body Butters,I’m a huge fan of the Bodyshop and their body butters always do the damn thing for me.As usual, the body butters were moisturising, non-greasy and they both smell wonderful.

As I’ve already mentioned my love for the Bodyshop, their travel size day and night creams are amazing on my combination skin and they smell divine.Thumbs up!

real techniques, essence, maybelline
Essence Velvet Eyeshadows and the Maybelline Master Contour stick

Maybelline also got onto the contour train and released their Master Contour stick last year.I was skeptical about it, I enjoyed the contour side. Sadly, the highlight is too light for my skin.

The Essence Velvet eyeshadows have been around for a few months, I’ve had these for a while and recently only got the chance to try them out. Being a huge fan of Essence, I’m glad to announce that these are great,blend nicely and the pigmentation is good. The pink shade has become my go-to shade,it’s forever in my bag and the scratched packaging testifies to that.The only thing not-so-good about these is the longevity, sadly they don’t last long without primer.

ColourPop Products

I also recieved my ColourPop products after waiting for a while and I loved them.Read more about them here.

oh so heavenly; woolworths
Hand Serums

I love Oh So Heavenly products but the Moroccan Argan Oil Hand Serum was an epic fail. On the other hand, the Woolworths Hand Serum was a treat for my hands! Moisturizing with a great smell.

That’s it from me guys! Have you guys tried any of these products? If not, which would you like to try?Let me know in the comments section

Till the next one

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