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I’ve been trying out tissue oils to try see which can help reduce and fade my stretchmarks, and the Justine Tissue Oil was one of the products I tried. I know some people have threw in the towel when coming to stretchmarks and I know it takes effort and time to for them to fade but I’m always on the lookout for newly formulated ones to see if they can help. A colleague of mine recommended the Justine one and mentioned that I should start seeing results after 6 weeks, I took a leap of faith and tested the oil for 8 weeks!!! Read on to find out how this baby performed…

Justine Tissue Oil


I massaged the oil after applying my body lotion, and I loved how smooth and supple my skin felt. I like the fact that the oil has SPF which is great as sometimes I forget to apply sunscreen on my body. So get this, after 8 weeks of using I didn’t see that much difference on my stretchmarks, the fairly new ones were not faded as I expected.  The other thing I also noticed is that I didn’t get any new stretchmarks while using this, which is great of course but other than that I might as well stick to my Bramley’s Tissue oil from PEP which costs way less than this one.

Justine Tissue Oil

Now, I know that a lot of ladies trust and recommend this oil, but in my case this was a miss although I like how it made my skin feel but I think there are other oils that can do the same at a fraction cost.I wont be repurchasing this after I finish my bottle, and my search for stretchmarks fading products continues.

Let me know your thoughts regarding this oil, what is your fave tissue oil..

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