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Hope everyone is still well, I’ve been scarce because of exams.Im not yet done but I missed talking about beauty bits with you guys.Today,I thought I should share with you one product which I’ve been using to detoxify and remove dirt from my skin.I only started knowing about the brand Mineraline when I saw it at Dischem,I did check for reviews on their products and there weren’t as many as I expected.

I was a bit skeptical to try the brand (I’ll tell you why,just keep reading),but my curiosity was greater so I picked up this peel off mask to try out.Now Mineraline specializes with body and face products and they incorporate sea minerals in their products.They have a wide range of skin products including anti-aging products.

Mineraline Dead Sea Mud Peel Off Mask

The reason for my skepticism is because of the “Dead Sea Minerals” part,have you ever spend money irregardless of the amount on a product which did not do anything for you?Like zilch,no improvement…nothing!How did that make you feel??Cheated right?Lol.I once fell prey to one of those sales people who sell “Dead Sea Mineral”enriched products at Sandton City, spent about R800 on a product which did nothing to my skin,lol..I know the guy was just doing his job but I felt cheated and never wanted anything to do with products in that line.

At some point you must just go beyond your doubts and just wing it which is what I did.I have been using this baby weekly for over a month now,and boy am I glad that I got this product.This is my first peel off mask so I can’t compare it with any other mask but will just explain how it worked on my skin.

Mineraline Dead Sea Mud Peel Off Mask

Prior to use,I wash my face with my face wash and then apply the mask.The product does take a while to dry up especially if you apply a lot,it’s easy to peel off and isn’t irritating or painful when I do that.This mask leaves my skin feeling all smooth and supple,like soft as a baby’s bum,it gives my skin that nice and clean look,and I’ve also noticed how my pores appear smaller after use.Other than the drying time which I have to go through because I always apply a lot of product,I haven’t found anything to hate about this product.Of course there may be controversies regarding the packaging but I’m okay with that.

The Mask retails for R99 at Dischem Pharmacies,I recommend this and even more if you have oily skin like me.Im not sure how this works on sensitive skin but it’s not drying at all on the skin.I love this product and would repurchase without thinking twice.

That’s it for now guys,have you guys tried Mineraline products before?Let me know

Till the next one

Love V🖖🏽♥️

4 thoughts on “Mineraline Dead Sea Mud Peel off Mask”

  1. Been using the anti aging range for 2 months and recently started with the mask.
    I’m honestly smitten with this product. My skin is evidently smoother and plumper, it is so hydrated and always leaves me feeling amazing.
    I would really recommend this range ❤️

  2. I’m using it too. In fact I use face wash, purifier and mask I have blemishes and they are disappearing now

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