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I know how difficult it can be when that time of the month comes and your body is just not co-operating and on top of that you have to deal with the pain that the period comes with.I’m fortunate to not go through that, but worry not my Lovelies I stumbled across something which can help with those stomach cramps and back pain. The Sisay Cosmetics Tummy Rub is a miraculous product, I don’t have stomach cramps but I suffer from back pains so this has helped me a lot. I used this on my friend’s tummy when she was in her monthlies, and it really helped her… So if you wanna know how this works, grab a cuppa and read on xoxo…


Sisay Cosmetics Tummy Rub

This baby is enriched with Arnica Oil, Lavender and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil which soothes the pain leaving you relaxed. It’s an ointment which looks like a lotion packaged nicely in a tub and it is quite easy to use, for immediate relief you just rub a generous amount on to affected areas and you should be good to go. But that’s not all, my little sister had sores on her body and I rubbed this on the sores day & night and within 2 days the sores were HEALED and GONE.

I’m sure you are wondering how much this miracle worker costs?, relax doll?, for just R30 you can get yourself this baby from Sisay here. Honestly, guys this rub is great, I use it on my back, insect bites etc. It’s handmade, organic  and mostly affordable so if you struggle with period and back pains I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Sisay Cosmetics Tummy Rub

That’s all for today,let me know what your go-to remedies for pains are and if you would try this, you can also read more about Sisay products in this post here.

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