You know what they say, local is lekker ! I’ve recently came across local skincare brands flying the South African flag high,and many of them are on my wishlist. I have had the privilege of trying products from one local brand in particular,Skoon. I first heard about them from Azraa on Prettiful blog.I was very impressed with their site setup and mostly their product packaging and I learnt from there that you can actually do a skin analysis by filing out a form on the site and then they send you samples suitable for your skin type.

I was contacted by Stella, she was so nice and she dispatched my samples asap.I received samples for problematic skin and sadly the products I received didn’t work well with my skin.I sent Stella an email and she was willing to send me samples for sensitive skin to see if the breakout still persists.And those are the product samples i’ll be talking about.Fasten your seat belts,this is gonna be a long one.


Ruby Marine Overnight Mask

This mask is meant to hydrate and nourish the skin while one sleeps.All you have to do is slap it on your face and then head to bed and you will wake up with smooth,plump and hydrated skin.I enjoy the coconuty scent it has and don’t worry about your pillow cases being greasy this baby is harmless.I use this on my flaky and patchy areas on my skin and it works wonders,it’s a must-have in my books.

Phyto Red Beauty Aid Cream

Upon using this product, I noticed how it reduced my breakouts and also how it left my skin feeling so smooth.I applied this on my spots and the following day I could already see them fading.Perfect for sensitive skin,didn’t break me out yay!I love it❤

Squalane Concentrate

This also helped a lot with my zits,I applied it directly on the affected areas and I could feel it working instantly.You can add it to your favorite moisturizer it will still do the trick


Moisture Now Skin Sips Serum

Hydration galore! You may wanna try this if your skin is dry.You can add two or three drops of this to your favorite moisturizer,it works well.I prefer using this on its own just before I moisturize and it does the trick.I enjoyed using this serum, it saved me from flaky dry skin and it didn’t make my skin oily.

White Cloud Manuka Concentrate

The manuka concentrate is suitable for those with combination skin.It is meant to re-balance the skin. I applied this directly to my skin, and it gave me  dewy and luminous skin. Unfortunately I had to discontinue use due to a breakout reaction on my skin.But this is a product I would have loved to have in my kit,for those dull skin days.

WhiteWash Purifying Clay Cleanser

A clay cleanser which doesn’t foam, the texture reminds me of The Body Shop Iconic Seaweed Mask.Perfect for oily /combination skin and combating blackheads.Left my skin clean,purified and most importantly matte.

Muslin Face Cloth

Gentle on the skin,yet cleans like hell.It also incorporates light exfoliation at the same time doing it’s job,plus it is so soft!!!

The Verdict

SkoonSkin full-sized products don’t come cheap unfortunately, but they will last you for a while as a little goes a long way.The good news is that they have travel sized products which cost less and are perfect if you want to try out this lovely brand.I love that their products are organic and have this thing of leaving my skin so smooth after use.I love love their packaging,so prestigious?.In the near future,I will be buying the Ruby Marine Mask,Phyto Red Beauty aid,Muslin Face Cloth and the Moisture Now Skin Sips Serum these were my favourites and I would like to make them my staples?.I am also looking forward to trying out their Nkuto Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser,Glow Drops Concentrate and The One Super Moisturiser.

Overall,this brand is worth trying.If you haven’t heard about them before, then what are you waiting for?Discover more about Skoon here .

Let me know which products you have tried from Skoon or any questions you may have about this brand hit me up in the comment section.

Till next time ?

Love V ❤




2 thoughts on “Skoon Skincare Impression and Review”

  1. I love the fact that their products are organic (That alone is a plus,plus,plus for me)..

    My skin is very sensitive and I can’t change from product to another within a short period of space, However, that White Cloud Manuka sounds like something my skin would like..I’ll definitely try it.

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