Just when you thought you’ve experienced the most coldest days and it gets worse!Winter this year is extra and even more colder,which is why I thought that now would be the perfect time to share my top 5 fave winter products(was difficult narrowing down to that number).We all know how winter can strip off our skin of its natural oils and leave it terribly dry.Below I’m sharing five products I’ve been reaching out to a lot to keep moisturizer.Keen?Of course you are,so grab a cup and read on…

Mixa Restoring Body Lotion

I’ve already done a detailed review of this lotion here.I can’t stop singing praises of this product,I love how it keeps my skin moisturized and smooth.It’s super affordable and caters for sensitive skin types,why not try it out and see for yourself.

Nivea Shower Creme

I’ve already shared this product as a fave this winter on the Foschini for beauty “Blogger Approved Products” newsletter.One thing I love about this range is that all the shower cremes smell amazing,my fave is the happy time one.Besides the lovely scent,the shower cremes soothes and nourishes my skin effectively while making shower time memorable.

Kiki Beauty Rosy Wax Lip balm

If you follow me on Insta,you might have came across my stories and posts on this brand.Its a South African brand with killer packaging and great product range.I have already reviewed a couple of their products which you can read about here. I received this lip balm along with other products which I won from a competition they were running.Honestly,it was love at first use,the balm has a lovely rosy scent which isn’t overpowering,the formula is a bit thick and waxy making it long lasting.Now,I know I lost you at “waxy” but the wax part of this product isn’t all that bad,this isn’t like those waxy products which are heavy and sticky on the lips.I find this to be moisturizing and easy to wear,I feel that the wax part of it helps it to last even longer on the lips.Definitely worth a try!!!

Bramley Magnolia Tissue Oil

I’ve read so many reviews on this tissue oil,especially on Twitter,some people also testified how it helped fade stretch marks.I initially bought it with hopes to fade my stretch marks but I’ve come to learn how those need more time and dedication to fade.But I should note that I started using this as a body oil and have been enjoying it since then.The oil smells lovely and it’s dead cheap (R20 a bottle),it does a great job keeping my skin moisturized and smooth.It’s a great winter staple!!

Repetto EDP Fragrance

What’s winter without a lovely scent.This has been my go-to scent for over two years now,I love using it during cold months.Top notes include plum, cherry blossom with patchouli,Amber and vanilla as base notes.It’s a very elegant and sophisticated scent and I love it.

That’s it guys,those are my fave products this season…What are your winter faves?

Till the next one

Love V

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